Mangal Grah Temple Amalner History And Guide
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Mangal Grah Temple Amalner History And Guide

Hello friends, today we are going to know about Mangal Grah Temple Amalner. This temple is said to know about the history of this temple

Friends, Mangal Grah temple is a Hindu temple, No one knows about when this temple was established and who did it.

Mangal Grah temple was renovated in 1933. The temple on which the Mangal Grah temple is situated was ruined in ancient times, according to the people of here, believe it.

Mangar Grah temple is located in Amalner taluka of Maharashtra. This is a Hindu temple, thousands of devotees visit this temple on the day of Tuesday.

It is believed that if someone who is in Mars in the horoscope and that person is not getting married, then if they do anointing Mars in this temple on the day of Mars, then all their wishes are fulfilled.

Here’s director believes that the aarti and Abhishek of the temple is a wonderful program, and the aarti of the Mangal Grah takes place at different times every day. If you want to see live darshan and live aarti then you can visit the temple Website

All services are available from the time you stay in the Mangal Grah temple if you can plan to stay here

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Mangal Grah Temple-History

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Mangal Grah Mandir is a Hindu temple. The temple has been located since ancient times. But then this temple was not much spread.

Friends, Mangal Grah Mandir has 2 or 3 in India, one of them is the temple of Amalner. Mangal Grah Temple is very famous in Maharashtra.

People come from far and wide in the Mangal Grah Temple to do consecration on Tuesday. And fulfil your wishes, in the temple you get to see gardens, blooms, small animals like Turtle. Rabbit

No one is yet to know about the establishment of the temple, but the temple was rebuilt in 1933 and the temple was lost again in 1940, in the year 1999, the condition of the temple was so bad that people used to come to throw trash.

Then after the temple was renovated in 1999 itself, As if Mangal Devta had done a miracle, the temple started to remain clean and the wake around the temple started to remain clean and changes and today the number of millions in this temple Devotees come

Everyday 1000 to 2000 people cook in this temple. And every Tuesday Abhishek happens.

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Mangal Grah Mandir -Address

Chopda Road, Amalner. District Jalgaon Maharashtra 125251 India

Mangal Grah Temple-Contact No

+91-8348606060, +91-8348707070, +91-8348808080



Mangal Grah Temple-Fact

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Who has established Mangal Grah Temple till date, no one knows

Mangal Grah temple is 2 or 3 in India, one of them is the temple of Amalner.

Aarti of Mangal Grah temple takes place every day at different times

Every Tuesday the number of 1000 devotees comes to the Mangal Grah Temple

Mangal Grah Temple 1999 was renovated

Mangal Grah Temple was renovated twice, the second time the renovation was done like a miracle.

The wish of every devotee in the Mangal Grah Temple is fulfilled, believes the director of agreed

Mangal Grah Temple has lotus flower garden

How To Reach

Privet Vehicle

You can reach Mangal Grah Temple from any local vehicle in the city. You can also reach the temple with the help of rickshaw.


If you are coming to Amalner by train. Mangal Grah Temple is 3 KM away from Amalner railway station.

Bus Stop

Mangal Griha Temple from Amalner Bus Stand is 3.3 KM

So friends, today you have got information about Mangal Grah Temple in detail, if you liked our article, please share this article to your friends.


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