Simple Guidance Kapileshwar Temple Mudawad Amalner

Simple Guidance Kapileshwar Temple Mudawad Amalner

Kapileshwar Temple – About 


In Amalner taluka, Yatruvaatva has started with Mahashivaratri of Tripindi Mahadev. At the confluence of Panzara, Tapi, hide Kapilganga river, Kapilmuni Ji has established the Shiva Linga. Devotees from far and wide come to take

darshan. Kapileshwar temple is known as hemadpanthi temple. There is a ladder in the east direction of the temple. Devotees use these ladders to bathe in the Tapi River. Lamp pillar is in the east direction of this temple. The temple

should not be lost, so the lamp pillar has been built in the east direction. A visit to the Kapileshwar temple yatra celebration  Mudavad village in Shidkheda taluka. After visiting the temple, devotees go on a Mudawad yatra. Boating has to be done to reach Mudavad village. Read Ambaji temple history

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Kapileshwar Temple – History

Kapileshwar Temple has idols of Lord Shiva and Parvati. The temple has stone Endearment and Sangmarwari Shivling This temple has three Shivling A one shiv ling Trishul and dambru, The second one yellow snake is And the

the third one is Shivalinga in the hand of Mata Parvati. There is an old Bargat tree in front of the temple. There is a 15-day yatra festival in this temple. Kapilmuni Ji established Shivling in the 11th century. This temple is years old. Here believe the coming devotees. Whatever your wish is, it is fulfilled in this temple. the best rucksack under 2000

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Kapileshwar Temple – Fact

The land of Kapileshwar temple is not in the name of the temple Therefore, this temple does not get funds from the Maharashtra pilgrimage site.

Therefore, in this temple, devotees do not get any facility to eat and drink. Trust of the temple helps devotees as much as they can

Kapileshwar Temple – Location

Kapileshwar Temple is located 25 km away from Amalner near Mudavad village. It takes 1 hrs to wipe from Amalner to Kapileshwar temple.

How to Reach – Kapileshwar Temple

You have the facility of car, bus, train, to reach Kapileshwar temple. To reach the temple you must first come to Amalner city. From this city, you get private cars to Kapileshwar temple.

Kapileshwar is situated at a distance of 25 KM from Amalner. It takes 42 minutes to spill to Kapileshwar.

By train

To come by train, you have Amalner train station. First of all, from Jalgaon Junction From Surat Bhusaval train come to Amalner station From Amalner train station you have to come to city bus station by auto-rickshaw From the bus station, you will get a bus or private car to Kapileshwar.

By Bus

You will get a Mudvad bus from Amalner bus station to reach Kapilleshwar

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