12 Best Places to visit in Badrinath Full Guide
best places to visit in badrinath

12 Best Places to visit in Badrinath Full Guide

Badrinath is a holy temple located in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Badrinath one of the Char Dham of Uttarakhand is a religious place which is dedicated to the temple of Lord Vishnu. Hundreds and thousands of visitors come here every year during the season which generally starts from April to October/ November depending upon.

Being a religious destination most of the locations have their methodological connections, especially from the Mahabharata.

These majestic places attract pilgrims and tourists alike who make sure to stop over at these places when visiting the holy town of Badrinath. Some of the locations are at higher altitudes which will give you the pleasure of natural beauty.

Here we will see the tourist places in Badrinath where visitors and travellers can spend their time with their friend groups and family as well. Here you will find the Badrinath sightseeing places which you must visit when you are planning to visit Chamoli or to be specific Badrinath or Mana village.

So let’s explore those places where you can best places visit in Badrinath.

12 Best Places in Badrinath you Must Go


There are more than 12 locations near Badrinath you must visit. Best places to visit in Badrinath

1 – Pandukeshwar

Pandukeshwar is a holy place which is located en route to the abode of Lord Vishnu Badrinath at an altitude of 1829 meters from the sea level which is just 18 km away from Joshimath.

Best Time To Visit: Pandukeshwar is must time to visit  April To June And September To November

Address: Pandukeshwar is located  Postmaster, Pandukeshwar (B.O), Chamoli, Uttarakhand

Visit Time: Open Time- 6 Am, Close Time-9 Pm

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2 – Yogdhyan Badri Temple

It is the holy temple of holy Sapta Badri or the seven Badri’s located at Pandukeshwar, Badrinath, Abode of Utsava murti.

Best Time To Visit: Yogdhan is must time to visit May, June Oct, Nov

Address: Yogdhyan is located  Badri to Mata Murti road, Badrinath, Uttarakhand

Visit Time: Open Time-6 Am And Close Time-7 Pm

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3 – Mana Village

Mana is the last Indian village at the Chamoli border to Tibet(autonomous region of China) in the Himalayas. It is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand.

Best Time To Visit: Mana is must time to visit May, June, July, September, November,

Address: Mana Village is located Chamoli Uttrakhand

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4 – Tapt Kund at Badrinath

Tapt Kund is a holy hot water spring which lies in between Badrinath shrine and Alaknanda river.

Best Time To Visit: Tapt Kund is must time to visit  March And June

Address: Tapt Kund Is located Badrinath

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5 – Neelkanth peak

It is situated in Chamoli area of Uttarakhand Nilkanth or Neelkanth peak stands at a towering altitude of 6596 mtr over the Alaknanda valley

Best Time To Visit: Neelkanth peak must time to visit June To September

Address: Neelkanth Peak is located  6 Km Trek From Charan Paduka

Visit Time: Open Time-5 Am, Close Time- 6 Pm

6 – Charan Paduka

Charan Paduka, a wonderful stone having the foot impressions of Lord Vishnu is one of the well-known attractions of Badrinath. Charan Paduka is a heavenly and consecrated stone situated close Badrinath.

Best Time To Visit: Charan Paduka is must time to visit September To October

Address: Charan Paduka is located  Bus Stand, Behind, Mana Pass Rd, Badrinath, Uttarakhand

7 – Mata Murti Temple

It is a sacred Hindu temple which is located at a distance of 3km from Badrinath. The Mata Murti Devi temple is situated on the right riverbank of the Alaknanda river.

Best Time To Visit: Mata murti temple is must time to visit January May June

Address:  Mata Murti is located  Mata murti road, Badrinath, Uttarakhand

8 – Narad Kund

Narad Kund is adorned at the holy town of Badrinath and it is the second prominent attraction of Badrinath. It is a sacred place which is famous due to Adi Shankaracharya.

Best Time To Visit: Narad Kund  best time to visit June September October

Address: Narad Kund is located Badrinath

9 – Brahma Kapal

It is situated in the holy banks of Alaknanda river, Brahma Kapal is a holy place in Badrinath town which has great importance among Hindus.

Best Time Visit: Brahma Kapal Visit May June Spt Oct

Address:  Brahma Kapal is located Brahma temple road Badrinath

10 – Bheem Pul

Bheem pul which is named after the lord Bheem of Mahabharata, it is located in Mana village the last Indian village in the Indo Tibet border. Which is just 3 Km away from Badrinath.

Best Time To Visit: Most Of the people Bheem pul visiting February

Address: Bheem pul is located mana Uttrakhand

11 – Ganesha Cave

The dark and ever so mysterious cave, Ganesha cave cocooned in Mana village. It is a naturally formed ancient cave which is located about 4Km from Badrinath temple.

Best Time To Visit: Ganesh Cave Must Visiting Time May To June

Address: Ganesh Cave Is Located near mana village Badrinath Uttrakhand

12 – Satopanth Trek

Satopanth trek is a beautiful and crystal clear green water lake. The triangular lake is located at an elevation of 4600 meters above sea level.

Best Time To Visit: Sato Panth trek best time visit May, June, September, October

Address: Satopanth trek is located Sato Panth lake Badrinath

Today we have to know about some 12 best  places to visit in Badrinath if you want to go for a visit, then you can go and do not plan for 1 or 2 and plan for 10 days, you will get to spend more time in every place and well To roam

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